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Aluminum Cans Help Specialty Drinks Brands Expand Reach in Brazil

Published December 13, 2013
ABRE, the Brazilian Packaging Association, recently reported that the average number of beverage cans used in 2012 per Brazilian consumer rose to 103, a 12% increase from 91 cans used the year before. While many of these cans are for beer or soft drink applications, an increasing number of brands that produce specialty drinks, such as juices, liquors and mixed beverages, are turning to CROWN Embalagens Metálicas da Amazônia S.A. (Crown Brazil), a subsidiary of Crown Holdings, Inc., to drive greater market penetration in the country.

For instance, ready-to-drink caipirinhas sold in cans provide a convenient packaging format for indoor and outdoor events and eliminate the need for consumers to purchase separate ingredients or have the necessary mixing and measuring apparatuses. For alcoholic drinks and specialty juices, high definition printing can be used to create colorful and intricate decoration on beverage cans, capturing consumer attention at the point of purchase.

“By staying attuned to market needs and consumer trends, we are able to offer innovative packaging to customers that helps engage consumers and builds brand loyalty,” said Rinaldo Lopes, president, Crown Brazil. “Our new 550 ml in 66 mm diameter and 425 ml in 58 mm diameter beverage can sizes, the 360 End, the world’s first full aperture end, and Pictoris high definition printing technology are just a few examples of the innovation we can bring to specialty drinks brands.”

The aluminum can continues to be a popular format for beverages among Brazilian consumers because it is quick to cool, lightweight, stackable and easy to store.

Crown Brazil is one of the largest manufacturers of two-piece aluminum cans for beer, soft drinks and teas in Brazil. Crown has been operating in Brazil since 1942, and has a strong presence with beverage can plants in Cabreúva, Estância and Ponta Grossa and a beverage end plant in Manaus. In 2013, Crown announced the construction of a new beverage can facility in Teresina in northern Brazil, which is expected to be commercialized in 2014.

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